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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To tap your kegs first ensure that the black pull handle of the keg coupler is in the up position (45 degree angle). Insert the keg coupler into the valve on the top of the keg and turn it clockwise until it stops and locks in place, this should be about 90 degrees from where it was originally. Now pull out the tap handle away from the coupler and pull it downward until it locks in position. Listen for the “click” of the pull handle when it shifts into its final downward position. Your keg is now tapped, enjoy

  • Your NexKeg kegerator will come pre-assembled to your home with the CO2 regulator adjusted and set upon installation. We do not recommend adjusting the settings on the CO2 regulator yourself, for questions on this please see the troubleshooting guide below or contact us. For optimal pouring your CO2 regulator should be set between 10 and 14 PSI (pounds per square inch).

  • The ideal temperature for kegged beer is 38 degrees fahrenheit. Kegged Prosecco and Rose ciders should be stored at about 46 degrees fahrenheit.To adjust the temperature on the single tap Kegerator a digital control panel is located on the top of the inside of the unit. Pressing the temperature buttons (-/+) makes the unit warmer or colder. Each press of the button changes the temperature setting by one degree. The maximum range for settings on the single tap units is 32-46 degrees fahrenheit, the temperature range for the double tap unit is 35-50 degrees fahrenheit. The temperature on the double tap units can be adjusted by turning the knob on the inside of the top of the unit. Whether your unit can reach the set temperature depends greatly on the ambient temperature where the unit is located. On the single tap units the F/C button changes the display from fahrenheit to celsius. There is no power button for these units, it should run automatically once it is plugged in. If the unit has lost power, wait 5 minutes before powering it back on to let the unit reset.

  • Call us at 910-399-6036 or email us at [email protected] or visit us at 1200 N. 23rd Street. Suite 102, Wilmington N.C. 28405

  • Your Nexkeg delivery zone is based upon your zip code in the greater Wilmington N.C. area. If you are not able to take delivery on your predetermined day please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. The zones are as follows for delivery of Nexkeg products, delivery zone 1 is zip codes 28401 and 28429 (downtown and Castle Hayne). Zone 2 is 28405 and 28403 (midtown). Zone 3 is zip code 28480 and 28411 (Ogden and Wrightsville Beach) Zone 4 is 28412 and 28409 (Riverlights and Masonboro). Zone 5 is zip codes 28449 and 28428 (Carolina Beach and Kure Beach).

  • Once you have signed up for a subscription or rented one of our kegerators for a special event, you will be prompted to schedule a delivery. You will be able to choose the time of the day you would like us to arrive at your home. The day of the week the delivery will be made is predetermined based on your home’s location within Wilmington (see “what are Nexkeg delivery zones”). If there are time conflicts that arise, you may change the delivery time no later than 24 hours before your scheduled delivery. If there are conflicts with the predetermined delivery day, please contact us at [email protected] or 910-399-6036 to discuss other options. On the day of your delivery, you will receive email and sms notifications. The first notification will be a reminder that your delivery is scheduled for that day. The second notification will be sent out when our driver has started the delivery and is on the way to your home. In this notification, you will also receive a link where you will be able to track the location of the delivery van on a map powered by Zippykind. This map will also show you an estimated time before the delivery van arrives. Upon arrival, you will be sent a third notification stating the delivery van has arrived at the destination. Please be ready to accept this delivery with the proper identification on hand for the delivery person to scan. If there are any issues during the duration of the delivery, feel free to text or call us with any problems. The contact information of the driver will be provided when the first notification is sent out.

  • Pouring a great pint for you or one of your friends is a great part of the kegged beer experience, here is how to do it correctly, step by step.

    • Step 1: Hold your preferred beer glass at a 45-degree angle. Keep the glass a bit below the faucet, and make sure it doesn’t touch the faucet. Dirt, dust or spilled beer on the outside of the faucet or bacteria inside the faucet can contaminate your beer.
    • Step 2: Open the faucet quickly and fully and begin pouring beer down the side of the glass until it is about half full. It’s also important, if you’re using a longer tap handle, to grab it from the base of the handle.
    • Step 3: Once your beer is about half way full, gradually bring the glass to an upright position, and aim for the middle to start crafting your head. You can also slowly add distance between the tap and the glass as you approach your finish to improve the head even further. A good head is somewhere between 1 to 1.5 inches tall.
    • Step 4: When your glass is full, close the tap fully and quickly and enjoy your beverage of choice
  • Your new kegerator may make sounds that are not familiar to you. Most of the new sounds are normal. Hard surfaces like the floor and walls can make the sounds seem louder than they actually are. The following describes the kinds of sounds that might be new to you and what may be making them. Rattling noises may come from the flow of the refrigerant or the water line. Items stored on top of the kegerator can also make noises. The high efficiency compressor may make a pulsating or high-pitched sound. • Water running from the evaporator to the water bin may make a splashing sound. As each cycle ends, you may hear a gurgling sound due to the refrigerant flowing in your kegerator. Cracking or popping sounds may be caused by the expanding and / or contracting of the cooling coils.

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